"As a fellow massage therapist, I LOVE Billie's Herbal Liniment. I use it myself and on my clients daily for any aches and pains. It is the highest quality and most effective natural pain management product I have ever found!"

Alishia Ryan, LMT

"Essential Remedies products are an essential part of my self care routine. Soaking in the organic [Bath Soaks] reduces my stress, aches, and pains after a long day of work. My clients love the smell and effectiveness of the Herbal Liniment."

Asheley Nagle, LMT

"As a massage therapist, I have become quite enamored with the whole Essential Remedies line. My massage clients particularly appreciate the Herbal Liniment that I use on them and look forward to the combination of essential oils that help them relax and alleviate their pain. I personally, have benefitted from the Herbal Inhalers. Every night before I go to sleep, I use the "Herbal Sinus" remedy to help me breathe and to combat illness. When I fly to a different time zone, I use the "Air Travel" and the "Jet Lag" blends to help me relax and ease into the time change. I also use the "Headache" blend for that occasional nagging condition. Thank you for creating Essential Remedies!"

Lynne Hedbloom, LMT, CAMT

"I have been using Essential Remedies for my acute fibromyalsia. On days that I am unable to function, I will often soak in a hot bath with a cap full of Herbal Liniment to help relieve my pains that include spasm and inflammation."

Jennifer Burr

"The first thing I noticed was the wonderful scent of the Herbal Liniment oil ... I was sold there! The use of the oil is amazing. It absorbs well and allows healing."

Dr. Kathleen Malin, DC

"I have been using various Essential Remedy products since 2012. The high quality ingredients combined with Billie's knowledge creates supremely effective products. I have used the nasal [Herbal Inhalers] the longest..I especially love them when travelling! They are wonderful to keep breathing "fresh" on an airplane..great in cold and allergy seasons...and they last for months! I am a LMT and have used many products to ease muscle pain while massaging and have found the Herbal Liniment most effective. Its easy to use and easy for the client to use on themselves with a roll on application! There are alot of [Bath Soaks] on the market these days, but again have found the assortment of bath salts with ER to be the best quality...and yummy! The pink Himalayan salts used are blissful... Bottom line: great unique quality products at a decent price!! Can't wait to see what's next on Essential Remedy's line!"

Pam Curl

"I have been using Billie's [Herbal Liniment] for over a year. It has made a huge difference in reducing the aches and pains in my muscles and joints after working out and gardening. I usually apply a small amount just before bed, and when I wake up in the morning, I feel much better."

Susan Bagley

"My husband and I have used the Herbal Liniment now going on our second winter when the aches and pains become intense. We love it, the roll-on makes it easy to distribute and the mixture of herbs is amazing for the pain relief that we get. It is so smooth and has a rather nice aroma. My husband will massage the product in thoroughly on the sore areas, and it works, the pain is gone. I have Arthritis and I recommend it."

Barbara M., Gearhart, OR

"I have been using Essential Remedies Herbal Liniment for the last two years. What a wonderful product. I have lower back protruding disk issues. This liniment provides me with pain relief and also helps to reduce the inflammation that occurs. I use this product during the day with a handy roll-on container that I carry in my purse. Every night before bed, I use the liniment which helps me sleep more soundly and with greater comfort."

"What a treat to have a hot bath with wonderfully scented salts [Bath Soaks] from Essential Remedies. I love using these salts after a long stressful day. Or if I am lucky enough to have a down day and want to do something really nice for myself. The salts help to reduce the aches and pains of my joints and muscles. So grateful that this product is available."

Barb B., Seaside, OR

"I am a huge fan and user of this product! It is so much more fun having my tin of salts with me as I get in the tub to know I will be calm, happy. And Pain refreshed when I get out. They are my best friends next to my previous cat, Lilli. Thanks for making and packaging this great soaking aid [Bath Soaks] for me and others."

Carolyn B., Bend, OR

"I had a painful torn ligament in my knee that was healing but with a great amount of discomfort. After several applications of the [Herbal Liniment], I could feel an immense difference. The pain had almost disappeared, the swelling had gone down and a full night’s sleep was an additional side benefit. I have recommended this product to others. An elder had arthritic hands become less painful and more flexible. In another case, an injured leg showed a lessening of inflammation and pain. The product definitely assisted the healing process."

Katie T., Seaside, OR

"With over 140+ days spent traveling a year, I always use Essential Remedies [Herbal Inhalers] before, during, and after travel to reduce stress and improve my immunity."

John C., Greenville , SC

"I recently had my first minor surgery and was very anxious. I kept my [Stress Relief] inhaler with me up to the moment of surgery. I found it to be very helpful. No pre-op anxiety medication needed!"

Cynthia E., Cannon Beach, OR

"I reach for the Essential Remedies Herbal Liniment whenever I have pain. Within 30 seconds, I feel the pain receding. I am very pleased with the roll-on application and the mild herbal scent. It doesn't leave an oily film and it’s organic! I like it so much I recommend it to my whole family, all of my friends, and everyone!"

Doreen P. Seaside, OR

"I have been a massage therapist since 1997. I discovered Biotone massage gel while I was in school and used it exclusively because it had such a smooth, non-greasy feel on the skin and washed off easily. When Valoree gave me a sample bottle of her Herbal Liniment to try, I used it primarily as an adjunct to my regular lotion to address inflammation and pain. My clients began telling me how much pain relief they were receiving and I began using it exclusively. It has a great glide and feeling to both myself and my clients and really helps soothe inflamed painful tissue."

"Billie's [Herbal Inhalers] are the greatest thing to have in your pocket as you go about your day. My favorite is her Stress Relief formula. When I feel myself doing shallow breathing and my stress levels rising, I take a minute to breathe in the sweet scent and reconnect to myself to calm my busy brain. I also love the Restful Sleep inhaler. It really works!"

Deborah A., LMT Grants Pass, OR

"Essential Remedies Herbal Liniment works well for chronic inflammation and pain. I have used it on family members and myself with positive results. It is a great alternative to relieve pain and is not habit forming. I recommend this product as an alternative to pain management."

"The Restful Sleep inhaler is great for relaxing prior to sleep without any side effects in the morning. Soothing sleep is maintained with this inhaler."

"The Herbal Sinus inhaler works well to decrease the secretions and inflammation caused by sinus irritation due to colds and allergies."

Belinda B., CNP West Baldwin, MN

"I'm often on my feet for 10 to 12 hours at a time and there's nothing I look forward to more than a relaxing bath as soon as I get home. Essential Remedies' Hint of Rose scented bath soak is perfect! The blend of Epsom and Himalayan salts mixed with essentials oils helps soothe away my aches and pains from a long shift. I'm able to completely zone out and find my zen!"

Sheena Leigh Graves, Los Angeles, California

"A huge group of us were in Vegas for a birthday party. At first I gave the Hangover Inhaler to some friends as a kind of gag gift. The next morning word had gotten out that it was a rescue remedy that actually worked! Living in a social city such as Los Angeles you tend to go out a lot and occasionally find yourself having one too many. Since the Vegas trip I've gotten requests from several of my friends for the infamous Hangover Inhaler! Since then I have reordered the Hangover Inhaler and the Stress Relief Inhaler as well. They make perfect gifts and I like to keep one in my car and one in my purse for any situation."

Eva Card, Venice, California


This information has been provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Always consult with your primary care physician or naturopathic doctor before making any significant changes to your health routine.

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